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Lightning Protection Installation - Safeguards Your Belonging from Damages

There is nothing new in the fact that the force of lightning has demolished the civilians over the years at its various trans formative stages. With an incalculable strength on its periphery, it is very much a constant menace for every man made establishment, be it humbling or towering. Until and unless adequate measures like lightning protection installation are being put in place, any commercial, institutional, or residential structures will continue to struggle against its indomitable force. The aftermath of lightning strikes can wreak havoc too, especially to the occupants of the damaged structures.


Lightning Protection System and Design


There are many contemporary and professional lightning protection firms that are present in Ireland. Lightning Protection Ireland practice exclusively in designing, installing and maintaining lightning protection and earthing systems, which to an extent minimizes the probable destruction that can be caused by Lightning Strikes. Lightning is one of the nature’s most destructive elements as it can be identified by the fact that a single lightning bolt can carry up to 1 billion volts of energy. Structural lightning protection system is divided into three parts:


  • Down Conductors
  • Air Termination Network
  • Earth Termination Network

It is essential that lightning protection systems are designed correctly and installed by an experienced and well-crafted engineer. The installers should rigorously employ the Irish Standard ISEN 62305 series. This particular series provides a far more inclusive solution on protection against lightning in compare to the preceding standard BS6651.